All the wood we use for our donation boxes is FSC certified. This includes the wood we use for delivery crates!

All the wood donation boxes are constructed from SOLID WOOD and not LAMINATED MDF

We use solid 18/22mm natural pine or spruce, which we then stain to your specification. Also, we can work with Oak or other hard woods if you feel a soft wood is not suitable for your organisation.

300 x 300 x 900 Wood Donation Box

    • 300mm x 300mm x 900mm

    • 18mm FSC certified timber

    • 6/10mm thick acrylic case

    • Slot protection

    • 12 months warranty

    • Adjustable feet

    • Approximate weight - 35kg

    • Stainless steel security screws

    • Money collection container

    • Baton lock - (Good Quality)

    • No external screws

    • Registered Charities - Your donation box could be VAT Free

    • Anti theft door construction