Choosing a contactless solution


Contactless donation boxes are ideal for use in attended and unattended indoor and outdoor environments, museums and galleries, hospitals, high street, events and functions, charity shops, pubs, guesthouses, schools and more.

Our donation boxes can accept differing amounts in increments up to £30 (donor selected). CollecTin accepts a pre-set fixed amount, with the option for larger donations by lifting the box lid to reveal a Chip & PIN device which works seamlessly with our FREE Payacharity App – giving donors total flexibility.

Models available include mains & battery powered table-top boxes, portable handheld boxes and special stands for reception areas and other public places. Each box type can be branded. We can also offer long life battery and solar power too.

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This could be desk top contactless or an integrated contactless + cash donation box.


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Choose your contract length.

12, 24 or 36 months? The longer the term the lower the cost. Once you are happy you can apply for a merchant account via our online application section. 



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You buy the actual donation box and rent the card reader. Just call and we'll guide you through the process.

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Frequently asked questions


Choice of 3 models, each with a fully integrated contactless card reader. Tabletop – mains powered, LAN connection (into your broadband router) Tabletop – mains powered, GPRS connectivity (includes SIM) Portable – battery powered, GPRS connectivity (includes SIM). This box has a carry handle to the rear. Rental Options (includes connectivity, warranty & support) 36 months rental £24.95 per month 24 months rental £29.95 per month 12 months rental £34.95 per month (minimum term contract) Transaction Fees 2.95% – all card types Gateway 10p per transaction or £9.95 per month for unlimited transactions. PLEASE NOTE THESE BOXES ARE ONLY AVAILABLE WITH A STANDARD MERCHANT ACCOUNT. Hardware prices and gateway fees exclude VAT. Transactions fees are not subject to VAT.


Terminal Hire – Payter Portable Daily (min 3 days) £27.00 Weekly £110.00 Monthly £150.00 3 Months £225.00 6 Months £300.00 Deposit £150.00 per box Courier delivery & collection £25.00 (Excludes VAT) Transaction Fees 2.95% – all card types Gateway 10p per transaction PLEASE NOTE THESE BOXES ARE ONLY AVAILABLE WITH A STANDARD MERCHANT ACCOUNT. Hardware prices and gateway fees exclude VAT. Transactions fees are not subject to VAT.


This model, designed by Sprout, has a compartment under the lid housing a Miura card reader (supplied). To operate this box, the Miura card reader needs to be paired with an Android smartphone (not supplied) and the Payacharity App. Purchase Only £195.00 +VAT Includes 12 months warranty & support. Transaction Fees 2.95% – all card types Gateway 10p per transaction or £9.95 per month for unlimited transactions. Hardware prices and gateway fees exclude VAT. Transactions fees are not subject to VAT.


How do I turn the donation box on and off? There is an on/off switch at the back of the box. Simply flick the switch to the on position and the donation box will be ready to accept donations. How do I charge the portable device? The portable device is charged via a mini USB port. This can be plugged into a normal socket, but also provides the versatility to be charged through a portable powerpack. Can I plug the GPRS mains powered device into a broadband router? Yes. This device can be plugged in to a router and the broadband takes control of communications without the need for any settings changes, unplug it and the GPRS takes over. Please note in either mode if there is no signal the unit will still take and store transactions until such time as a signal is available. How do I set up a donation? There is no need to set up the donation amount; the boxes are programmed to accept donations in increments between £1.00 – £30.00. Donors can increase the amount using triangle button on the front of the box. Where should the donor hold their card on the donation box? On the face of each donation box you can see an illuminated payment window and under this the contactless symbol. The donor needs to hold or ‘tap’ their card on this symbol until the donation box registers the presence of the card. This shouldn’t take longer than a few seconds. How long will a donation take to process? Each donation should take only a couple of seconds to go through. However, if the signal is poor, it could take up to 5 seconds. Where there is absolutely no signal the device will accept what’s called an offline transaction. The box will store these transactions until you are back in an area with signal where the transactions will then be uploaded. How will I know the donation is completed? On the face of the unit, underneath the ‘Payter’ logo, there is a row of 4 lights. These will all light up once the donation is complete. The donation box will also beep and there will be a notification on the screen that confirms that the donation has been accepted. Once the donation is complete, the supporter can remove their card. Where does the money go? All donations go to the charity that has registered the device. Does the Charity receive any personal data? No personal data is transferred during the contactless donation. How will the donation appear on the donors’ bank statement? Typically, the name of the charity will appear on paper or online statements within the transaction description. Do all payment cards work with the donation box? No, the donation boxes are currently only able to accept donations from all Visa and MasterCard debit or credit cards. They will also accept donations through Apple/Android Pay, so long as the Apple/Android Pay account is linked to a Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card. So far, Visa and MasterCard are the only card schemes which have approved the contactless donation boxes. What if somebody would like to donate less than £1.00 and more than £30.00? The donation box can accept any amount up to £30.00. If a donor would like to give less, they can do so with cash. If a donor would like to give more, they can tap their contactless payment card again on the contactless symbol again (ensuring there is at least 30 seconds between taps) or they can give more in cash. Can a supporter add gift aid to their donation? No supporter data is captured during a contactless transaction however, charities can claim back £2000 (25% of £8k) under this scheme without the usual declarations. For more information please visit – Do the donation boxes provide receipts? No, receipts are not required for contactless payments and the same is true when taking a contactless donation. What happens if someone presents his or her card twice by mistake? Could they get charged twice? When the donation boxes detect a card presence, it’s very obvious, so it will be difficult to double-tap and donate twice by accident. Accidental taps done very closely together won’t be accepted by the donation box. Most banks have rules in place in the event a card is presented twice by mistake and it is likely that the second donation will be blocked by the supporter’s bank. If this happens, please advise the donor to check with their bank. Can donations be refunded on the day? No, refunds will not be possible on the day for security reasons. In the same way that collection buckets are sealed, volunteers aren’t able to authorise refunds. Can a contactless donation been declined? Yes. If the contactless donation is declined, this could be because the supporter has insufficient funds in their bank account or has reached their credit limit on their credit card. It is also possible that they have reached their maximum number of contactless payments for that day, although this happens very rarely. Does the donation boxes accept Chip & PIN? The Payter box does not accept Chip & PIN payments. If this is an important feature you may wish to consider the CollectTin model. How long does the battery last? The battery-powered boxes are designed to last for 8 hours, but depending on the number of transactions they are used for, they may last longer. The charging port can be found on the back of the box, next to the on/off switch. For fixed locations you may wish to consider a mains powered version or an aditional long life battery. What if I don’t have signal when taking a donation? You can still accept transactions even when the device doesn’t have signal. The device will capture the card data and will store this until you are back in an area with signal. When the device has picked up signal it will push these transactions through to the acquirer for processing. This is called a Deferred Authorisation. How many offline donations can be taken before it becomes ‘full’ and stops accepting transactions? By default, no limits are set. The terminal can easily store 1,000 + transactions. We can apply a cap should the Charity wish to. Who do I contact if I have a problem with my donation box? Contact - 01429 838899

Cost Effective


We make the adoption of this new technology cost effective by keeping charges to a minimum, and by removing all costs associated with setting up a merchant account and gateway.

Donation boxes can be purchased, rented or hired on a short-term basis and branded with custom stickers promoting your charity, and a suggested minimum donation amount. The stickers are removable, allowing you to run fresh & seasonal campaigns, or to simply  change donation amounts.

Free Merchant Account


We can Integrate with your existing merchant services provider, or you can apply for a FREE Payacharity merchant account & gateway.

We offer a choice of account types, depending on your card turnover and market leading rates for processing and settling donation funds.

  • Only 2.95% – all card types

  • Gateway fee 10p per txn*

  • Funds settled daily

  • FREE Portal

  • FREE Charity App

  • FREE UK Helpdesk

*Or you can opt for unlimited transactions at 2.95% + £9.95 per month.


Free Online Portal


Use our specially designed portal to track your camapigns in real time and to see at a glance how much has been raised. Donations can be viewed in real time or by day, week, month etc. and can be downloaded for more detailed analysis.

Within the portal, you will also find a range of additional FREE payment channels, including a Virtual Terminal for telephone donations (with access for up to 99 users), donation buttons for your website and links for use with email / SMS campaigns.